Mind as Medicine

A Talk by Steve Armstrong

What is the essence of Buddhist teaching on the relationship of mind and healing?

How can we skillfully activate the mind's healing potential?

How can Buddhist teachings on “mind as medicine” work alongside rigorous scientific research to develop more effective healing strategies?

Join an inquiry into an exciting path of
medical-spiritual collaboration.

Friday, September 11
The Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota
Noon to 1

Steve Armstrong has been practicing Buddhist meditations since 1975, both as a layman in the West and as a Buddhist monk in Burma where he undertook a four-year silent, intensive mindfulness training. He has been leading mindfulness retreats up to 90 days long since 1990. He has studied the Buddhist psychology (abhidhamma) and uses it to present the Buddha's understanding of mind and the healing process in clear easily understood language. He lives on Maui where he and his wife Kamala Masters are creating a small spiritual sanctuary and hermitage.

Sponsored by the Rochester Insight
Meditation Group