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Every Moment is Fresh
The mind's tendency is to like
new things. It wants variety, it
wants freshness. So one thing to
remember is that no moment is
the same as the old. Every

moment is fresh.

The Objective is to Understand Things

The real objective is to under-
stand things. Happiness will
then follow naturally. 

Two Main Ingredients of What’s Happening Now
Two main causes affect your pres-
ent experience: the momentum of your
good and bad habits, and what you
are doing right now. 

Whenever You Are Upset, Look Within
Whenever you are upset, look
within. There is nothing and no-
body out there you can blame
for your state of mind. 

Recognizing Your Wrong Attitude is Wisdom
Recognizing your wrong attitude is
wisdom! It is just as important as 
knowing your right attitude. 

We Need to Learn Our Lessons
We need to learn our lessons. There is no
 shortcut. If we don’t learn our lessons when
they present themselves, they will come up
again and again until we give them our
attention and learn from them.

Don’t Try to Maintain Equanimity
Don't try to maintain equanimity;  
only try to maintain awareness.

Always Bring in Right Information
I always emphasize the impor-
tance of right information. If you
don't bring in intellectual understand-
ing—right information—there is just
delusion. There might be awareness  
but the awareness has no power.

What You Always Try to Adjust Is …
What you alway try to adjust is
the quality of observation.

Find a Still Point Not Dependent on Anything
The answers to our problems can be
found in our own minds. We must find
a still point that is not dependent on
anything for our happiness.

Increase Your Interest Not Your Effort
People usually try to find the balance
between relaxation and effort, by using
more or less effort. But if the mind is in-
terested in knowing something, effort is
already present. So the balance you ac-
tually have to find is betweeen
relaxation and interest.

To See Things as They Are, Relax
Only when you are relaxed can you
see things as they are. The more you
try to see something, the less clearly 
you can see it. Those who don't try
 to look for anything, see more.

Watch Desire, Not Objects of Desire
If desire arises because of a particular ob-
ject, you should stop observing that object.
It is not a dhamma object; it is an object of
desire. The object you need to watch in 
 a situation like that is desire itself.

There is No Need to Look Outside
The world is a creation of the
mind. So there is no need to look
outside. Everything is happening
 right here in our own minds.

Let Go of the Old Paradigm
We need to switch from doing  
to recognizing. This way you will  
slowly understand what is actually
happening, and this will enable you
  to let go of the old paradigm.

Take Energy Out of Greed, Hatred and Delusion
When you put energy into  
awareness, you take energy out  
of greed, hatred and delusion.

Let Things Happen Naturally
If you want to understand nature, you
 have to let things happen naturally. Bring-
ing our awareness "back" to something
is making a personal effort.

Delusion Creates a Substitute for Reality
Delusion not only keeps reality from
us but also gives us a substitute for it.
People can live a whole lifetime in this
way. You can feel very fortunate that
you have this opportunity to practice 
Dhamma, in investigating what
is real and what is not.

True Understanding Brings True Happiness
Only when there is true understanding,
will there be real happiness. Not the kind
of happiness people want to indulge in, but
a happiness that arises because you are 
at peace with the way things are.  

Don’t Try to Be Aware, Just Be the Supervisor
Don’t try to be aware. You just need to
be the supervisor, by regularly checking
 whether awareness is doing its job. Keep 
asking yourself whether there is aware-
ness, whether awareness is at work. 

You Will Begin to See a Simpler Reality
No matter how difficult life becomes, we
must keep practicing continuously. This is
the only  way. Eventually wisdom will out-
weigh greed, hatred and delusion and you
will begin to gather momentum. New ave-
nues of awareness will open to you. Then 
you will begin to see and be part of a sim-
pler and less complicated reality that
you are not separate from but is
actually nature itself.

Why We Do This Work
This is why we do this work: to
understand cause-and-effect relation-
ships and to realize the wisdom that will
help us interrupt and transcend these
cycles of becoming that can cause
us so much grief and misery. 

If You Are Practicing Correctly, Life Will Always Be New
If we are practicing correctly, then
life will always be new and interesting
because we are always seeing more. We
are observing nature happening in the
deepest possible way. This is nature,
experiencing nature. 

A Window in the Wall of Delusion
We can only truly start practicing
when the mind has reached a state of
calm. This is the window in the wall
of delusion through which we can
investigate our experience. 

You Have to Wear Wisdom Glasses
You have to wear wisdom glasses not
colored glasses. If you wear red glasses,
you will see everything red; if you wear
blue glasses, everything will be blue. That's
why the watching mind must be the right 
nature. Only if it is without any greed or
hatred, can it see things as they are. 

Right Now, Can You Feel Your Feet?
Right now, are you aware of your
posture? Are you aware of your hands?
Can you feel your feet? Notice how little
energy or effort you need to know any
of this. That is all the energy you need
to remain aware. But remember, 
you need to do this all day.  

Wisdom Will Somehow Tell You
When wisdom understands something
it will somehow tell you. There might be
a thought flashing up saying: "This is
stupid." You will clearly know that 
something has been understood.

Learn to Be Interested in Difficult Situations
Learn to be interested in difficult
situations. By being present with them
in a gentle manner, you may suddenly
understand what caused them.  

The Mind Does Not Belong to You, But …
The mind does not be-
long to you, but you are
responsible for it.

Look Repeatedly and From Different Angles
What is going on in the
mind will seem rather cha-
otic at first. You need to look
at the same issues repeatedly
and from different angles.  

Detach in the Good Times, Accept in the Bad
When things are good, learn how to
detach from them. When things are not
good, learn how to accept them.  

Understand the Suffering That Anger Always Brings
When through observing our own an-
ger we truly understand the suffering that
it always causes us, it will become easy to  
feel compassion whenever we are con-
fronted with anger in others.

The Mind is Just the Mind
It is good to start from the
understanding that the mind
is just the mind. With this un-
derstanding, there is no