The Rochester Meditation Center presents:

"When Awareness Becomes Natural"

Daily Life Meditation in the Style of Sayadaw U Tejaniya

Welcome to an introductory course to daily life meditation

in the style of Sayadaw U Tejaniya, a Buddhist monk and

meditation teacher who lives in Yangon, Myanmar.


The course is based on the 2016 book by Sayadaw

called "When Awareness Become Natural."

The weekly readings are condensed from the book and

supplemented by quotes taken from other books, interviews

and talks by Sayadaw on the week's practice theme.

The MP3s below are recordings of the talks and discussions
led by Doug McGill at the weekly evening sessions when

the course was first offered in the fall of 2017.




Week 1:    Reality (MP3) (PDF
Week 2:    Wisdom (MP3) (PDF
Week 3:    Relax, Be Aware (MP3)   (PDF)  
Week 4:    Light Awareness (MP3) (PDF)
Week 5:    Objects (MP3) (PDF)  
Week 6:    Samadhi (MP3) (PDF
Week 7:    Vipassana (MP3) (PDF)
Week 8:    Right Effort (MP3)    (PDF)
Week 9:    Right View (MP3)  (PDF
Week 10:  Right Attitude (MP3)  (PDF)
Week 11:  Morality (MP3)  (PDF)
Week 12:  The Mind (MP3) (PDF)
Week 13:  Observing the                       Observing Mind

Week 14:  The Defilements (MP3) (PDF)
Week 15:  Delusion  (MP3)  (PDF)
Week 16:  Greed (MP3)   (PDF)  
Week 17:  Greed and Food (MP3) (PDF)
Week 18:  Aversion  (MP3) (PDF)