Deepening in Practice Along With Others

All programs are free and open to the
public unless otherwise noted.

For the duration of the coronavirus pandemic we are
ing online on our regular schedule of Thursday
evenings and Sunday mornings, as described below.

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                                      WEEKLY PRACTICE MEETINGS
                                                                               (Currently on Zoom)


The Thursday evening program runs from 7 to 8:30 PM, beginning with a 30-minute silent or lightly-guided meditation, followed by a Dhamma talk or a reading-and-discussion and Q&A. The Thursday program tends to be themed around practicing Dhamma as the Buddha taught it via the Four Noble Truths, the Four Foundations of Awareness, and the Four Selfless Emotions. Through 2020, we are devoting two Thursdays each month to exploring the Buddha's original meditation instructions called the Satipatthana or "Four Foundations of Awareness;" and one Thursday each month to practicing traditional Buddhist meditations of wisdom, compassion and healing applied to persistent racial violence and suffering.

The Sunday morning program
runs from 8 to 9:30 AM, beginning with a 30-minute silent meditation, followed by discussion of a reading, video or audiotape on a Dhamma topic, and ending with a shorter meditation. Afterwards, everyone is warmly invited to stay online for an informal "virtual coffee" session of sharing and spiritual friendship.

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                                MINDFUL YOGA

Nancy Boler has taught yoga combined with meditation since 2004. At her website, you'll find a variety of mindful yoga classes offered Monday through Friday, plus a two-hour awakening and relaxing workshop every Saturday morning. All of her classes are offered on a donation basis and are currently on Zoom, with Zoom permalinks to the classes also found on her website.

                                              THE DAILY TEJANIYA

A daily email meditation reminder from Sayadaw U Tejaniya, a Burmese monk and insight meditation teacher who emphasizes maintaining awareness in daily life from the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep. To subscribe to The Daily Tejaniya, click here.


All programs and classes at the Rochester Meditation Center

are free and on a drop-in basis unless otherwise noted.

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Rochester, MN
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