"What I learned from Doug and his classes literally

changed the way I live life. I found a peace that is

alive and growing. I am very grateful!"
—Jane M.

"This class is a treasure. It is a unique example of what

is happening around the world, a rising to ever-higher

levels of consciousness. If you take this class, you will

be participating in the transformation of your own

self and of all humanity."

—Paul M.

"Doug McGill has created an oasis in Rochester—a

city of hope and healing—for those wanting to explore

meditation as a means of more skillfully approach-

ing the challenges of daily life."

—Kelly H.

This class is priceless and so transformational!
—Barbara P.

"Doug's class helped me live my life more patiently

and peacefully. It taught me practices that have spilled

over into my relationships with others, and improved

them. I highly recommend the class to anyone who

is thinking of taking up meditation or who wants

to expand their current practice."
—Berni F.


"I have been a religious professional (Methodist pastor)

all my adult life. I began exploring spirituality seriously about

halfway through my career. In my preaching and teaching, I

began asking questions rather than giving answers. People I

worked with began to grow. But of all the training and disci-

plines I have done, this class has been the most helpful to

me by far. I wish I had taken it decades ago."

—Mark J.


"Doug's class helped me to look at many things with

a new perspective. It has already given me more peace

and I know that with continued practice there will be

more changes in my life. Thank you so much for your

gentle guiding and inspirational writings! I saved

every one of them."

—Ginny T.


"The class was highly practical, and Doug's daily

writings kept the spirit of meditation nearby at all

times. I especially appreciated how the wisdom of the

Buddha was shared in an accessible way, not requir-

ing previous in-depth historical knowledge, while

shedding light on the many mental hindrances

to wisdom and how to dissolve them."

—Nora O.


"This course was great. I had a strong basic practice

of daily breathing and walking meditation, and signed

signed up for the course to improve my technique. I

got that but I also got a rich description of context and

rationale going back thousands of years. Doug is a

great coach and there were many helpful Q&A

sessions. I learned about things that have mystified

me for years, and feel optimistic about

taking my next steps."

—Michael F.


"I became curious about meditation almost 50 years ago

and since then have cycled through Thoreau and Emerson;

through formal practice at the San Francisco Zen Center; and

reading many shelfs of books on Taoism and Buddhism and

other spiritual tomes. But Doug's exposition of the processes

and possibilities of mindfulness meditation is the most ac-

cessible and compelling I've ever encountered."

—Doug A.

"In Doug's class I learned how my thinking mind

has me living life apart from life as it really is. I also

learned how to get beyond my thinking mind and

instead to just be. To be still and to know my

true nature as this stillness, beyond words."
—Pat M.